Saturday, 5 July 2014

Marble City - Passionate About Writing #ASMSG

They've been busy again over at Marble City Publishing and this year's anthology, Edge of Passion, has just been released in e-book and paperback. Yours truly has a story in there - Heirloom - and the anthology makes very good reading. Some really strong stories from this year's competition winners and stunning guest pieces from Booker-nominated Jim Williams, Emmy-nominated John Goldsmith and other Marble City guest authors.

cover for Edge of Passion anthology by Marble City Publishing

An anthology of twenty-one crime, mystery, suspense and romance stories from nineteen authors, including Emmy-nominated John Goldsmith and Booker-nominated Jim Williams.

This global collection of short stories from 400 to 7000 words covers everything from crime fiction to romantic suspense and historical mystery.

Authors: John Goldsmith, Jim Williams, Jeremy Hinchliff, John Holland, Gerry McCullough, Alexandar Altman, R.A. Barnes, Maura Barrett, Eileen Condon, Mary Healy, Susan Howe, Damon King, Mary Mitchell, Jeanne O’Dwyer, Michael Rumsey, Valerie Ryan, Dennis Thompson, Catherine Tynan and T. West.

Edge of Passion is available on Amazon

cover for Edge of Passion anthology paperback edition

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny

The other weekend we climbed up the round tower of St Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny, Ireland. My ten-year-old son and I. We had different objectives in mind. His was to view the city streets from above and check out the accuracy of maps he has been drawing since last summer. Mine was a periodical reminder that I don't like heights.

Here's the mandatory tourist stuff - constructed in the mid-9th century , 100 feet 30 metres high, built as a place of refuge during Viking raids, one of only two round towers in the country open to the public to climb.

Rapunzel springs to mind when I think of this tower and the nearby one at the Rock of Cashel (which Rapunzel may still live in, who knows, it isn't accessible to the public).

Rock of Cashel

When we returned home we read the photocopied leaflet from St Canice's. The foundations of that 100 foot tower are ... two feet deep. 60 centimeters. Originally built on top of fresh graves, the tower has stood for a millennium with foundations shallower than my house.

It set me thinking. The tower only leans two feet off true vertical. That might not be due to subsidence in the shallow foundation - it might be a limitation in 9th century building technology. Its walls are a couple of feet thick. Solid granite blocks set on top of each other. Little or no sign of renovation. This isn't a structure plastered together on the inside with modern concrete. The tower is built with a durable integrity.

As authors we believe in our writing. Building blocks are required to reach the sky, to stretch up above the street and gain a view of the city. We worry about our foundations - the validity of our concepts, our ideas. We use our materials - the skills which are our mortar, the plot which is our granite. Social media is our scaffolding (presumably those Dark Ages Viking-avoiders used scaffolding). Those who have confidence raise themselves up and charge for entry. Here endeth the metaphor.

This was first posted by yours truly on Authors Electric 26th April 2014

Saturday, 10 May 2014

And the Winner of a new Kindle Fire HD is ...

Marble City Publishing Ltd had a great response to their Kindle Fire HD free draw with entrants from countries around the globe. The winner, chosen using a random number generator, is Steve Demaree of Kentucky, USA. Congratulations to Steve who is the author of nineteen books (see Steve’s work here on Amazon).

Thanks to everyone who entered the draw. All subscribers will be automatically entered into Marble City's future prize draws. Good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Final Day to Enter Marble City's Kindle Fire HD Giveaway #ASMSG

Closing 30th April, last chance to enter Marble City Publishing's free international competition for a Kindle Fire HD Tablet. Click here to enter! Competition closes 30th April 2014

Marble City embraces the 21st century book industry and connects readers around the globe with carefully crafted crime fiction, thrillers, mystery/ romantic suspense and true crime, in all formats, at affordable prices. Now open to submissions.

Many thanks and good luck!