Saturday, 5 March 2011

Inside the mind of Ger Mayes - ewww!

Some men never grow up, they remain in a state of constant puberty, their thoughts and actions driven by one thing only. Yep, Ger is such a bloke...
I thought it best not to post a pic with this one.

A Puppy Called Puberty

It was like keeping a puppy in your underpants
A secret puppy you weren't allowed to show to anyone
Not even your best friend or your worst enemy

You wanted to pat him stroke him cuddle him
All the time but you weren't supposed to touch him.

He only slept for five minutes at a time
Then he'd suddenly perk up his head
In the middle of school medical inspection
And always on bus rides
So you had to climb down from the upper deck
All bent double to smuggle the puppy off the bus
Without the buxom conductress spotting
Your wicked and ticketless stowaway.

Jumping up, wet-nosed, eagerly wagging -
He only stopped being a nuisance
When you were alone together
Pretending to be doing your homework
But really gazing at each other
Through hot and hazy daydreams.

Of those beautiful schoolgirls on the bus
With kittens bouncing in their sweaters.

By Adrian Mitchell from Blue Coffee 1996


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1 comment:

  1. cute poem . . . wise decision to not post pictorials. :-)

    Now Ger's pectorials might be a different story...:-)