Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PERIL is everywhere

I've resorted to subliminal messaging to advertise and sell PERIL. This picture was taken in Jura, Switzerland by the first amazon.de purchaser of PERIL von Ruby Barnes.  Thanks to Jürgen (yes, he's a friend but I know he'll like the book because he's a big John Irving fan) this one sale has momentarily put PERIL at number 76 in Kindle Shop Englisch Thrillers and number 1,583 in Bezahlt in Kindle Shop. So I'm basking in the glory for a few seconds until Kindle DE sales pick up!

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  1. Solid proof your novel inspires readers to share your words. An excellent marketing platform. Rare and honest advertisement. I'm hooked and am curious to read PERIL.

    Best wishes for your continuing success,


  2. Thanks, Janie! I'll be on the lookout for naturally occurring PERIL and encourage others to do the same.