Monday, 25 June 2012

Looking back at where we have been - if every one of us had thirty lucid minutes

'I’m convinced that if every one of us had thirty lucid minutes right before we passed away we would spend almost none of it thinking about how cool it was when we got rich. We would think about who we liked and who we loved, and how the flowers smelt in the springtime, and when we made the passage from youth to adulthood, and what it was like when our children were born and when we gave our daughters away at the altar.'

from Bill Clinton at a New York ceremony of the Irish America magazine 16th March 2011. Whatever your views on Clinton, it's a beautiful thought.

full speech here: Go to 11:00 minutes through the speech


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  1. Something to think about. :-)

  2. Yeah, absolutely! It's easier to be reflective now when things are down, less so when the wheels are turning ;-]