Sunday, 24 June 2012

Paying it back to readers and authors

I recently made two small changes on this blog. Hopefully they won't slow down the loading of the page, but I think it's worth it.

As a self-published author and a reader I'm a member of a lot of different groups on the internet (e.g.Goodreads, facebook, LibraryThing, Triberr, Awesome Indies. Book Promo Group). Groups like these can be a great source of support when looking for a new book to read, asking peer authors for technical and marketing support, or making new friends in the book e-revolution. When I come across a friend's blog I want to promote I add it to my blogroll (down this page and right) but there are other ways to connect, and I've added two of them to this blog.

On the top right of my blog you'll see a new box titled 'Indie Author Ring'. At time of writing this is a ring of 19 blogs from the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum (1559 members, readers and authors). Click on next and previous for writing and reading related blogs.

At the foot of this blog you'll find Irish Crime and Thriller Writers Online. If you've read and enjoyed my Ireland-based novels Peril and The Baptist then you might be looking for more Irish fiction (I'm busy writing all the time but it takes a while to produce). So I've listed 41 Irish crime and thriller authors with an online presence for you to browse. There's something there for everyone! (Many thanks to Joe McCoubrey for letting me steal his hard work!)

If you've enjoyed reading Ruby's blog then please sign up to Ruby's News for freebies, advance review copies of upcoming novels and occasional updates. Thanks!

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