Friday, 22 February 2013

Take a trip today to Google Play #ebooks

'The best present I've ever had in my life!' my eight year old son says as he downloads another app onto his computer tablet. He's found some great free downloads and has just bought an app from Google Play with his pocket money. It was recommended by his schoolfriends and he's delighted.

'Dad, can you download another book for me to read, please?' my eleven year old daughter says. 'A Place Called Perfect by your writing college friend.'

She hands me her tablet. I go to Amazon and buy the book for her to read on the Kindle app for Android. She'll be able to read it on her Android phone as well. But why not buy on Google Play Books? Because Google Play doesn't allow book purchases in Ireland.

This frustrates the hell out of me because the Android operating system is becoming significant (as I mentioned in my earlier post What's Going on with E-Books and Readers?) Android tablets accounted for 41% of all tablets shipped globally in Q3 2012, versus 57% for Apple. The trend is up for Android, down for Apple. But there's more. Android accounted for 75% of all smartphones shipped globally in Q2 2012 versus 14.9% for Apple. The trend is up for Android.

The big question is whether those Android system users are all using the reading apps from Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo et al, or are any of them buying e-books from Google Play? I can't even see Google Play Books from here in Ireland so I have no idea what sort of offering is available. If you can view Books on Google Play then please let me know your thoughts.

I spent a frustrating few weeks trying to make my four titles available on Google Play Books and eventually found out that users in Ireland can't play. Ironic considering Google in Dublin is the regional headquarters 'made up of thousands of Googlers from over 65 countries, overseeing sales and infrastructure for our businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.'

Well, where there's a will there's a way. I'm also a UK citizen. Here are my books on Google Play (epub versions):

e-book cover Peril by Ruby Barnes
Here's Peril on Google Play
 Here's The Baptist on Google Play
 Here's The Crucible on Google Play
 Here's The New Author on Google Play

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