Saturday, 1 February 2014

Message To #AllUsers

Tarquin Murphy's diary #AllUsers is free this weekend 1-2 February on Amazon. Go grab it for some light-hearted entertainment. Here's what the reviewers say:

"Are you able to laugh at the human condition? Then jump in - you are qualified to read #Allusers."

"There has been much debate about the orientation of the toilet rolls in the asylum. Myself, I identified with the cutlery thief. Rebellion has many faces. Recommended."

"There's something strangely fascinating about the man and his quirks and foibles. This is a laugh aloud story so be careful where you read it, preferably in private, maybe on the loo. Wherever you choose, it's fun and you'll enjoy."

"An existential problem."

"...this book, inadvertently, does the world a service."

"...give #AllUsers a read. Even if you're pushed for time, it's short enough that you can read it in a night or two, and it will have you giggling through work weeks to come."

#AllUsers is an under-the-counter production from Marble City Publishing, who are running a free draw for a Kindle Fire HD Tablet. Enter here!