Friday, 29 January 2021

Meat as a source of Zombification



The idea first came to me in a pub in Kilkenny. After a pint or several in Bridie’s Bar and General Store, we martial arts types were swapping war stories about previous jobs when Sean the ginger ninja (name cleverly disguised to protect the innocent) started to talk about his time in the local abattoir.… Continue reading

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Genesis of Zombies

Where did they come from, these zombies that plague us here on the Western edge of Europe? Was Brexit any kind of a cure? The R.A. Barnes zombie series is based upon scientific fact (honest) and personal experience (double honest). Trust me, I'm a doctor. To better understand the rise of Ireland's zombies - where and why they came about, the science behind their genesis, how they breed, why they eat meat from birth and their preference for sausages - I'm sharing a series of informative posts on my Ruby Barnes Books website. Starting with why the katana (Japanese Samurai sword) is the ideal zombie apocalypse weapon

Meanwhile, back in the land of normality, this blogspot will mostly be sharing Ruby's reviews of books of all genres, recently read.