Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bluegrass soundtrack of Carolina Star by Big Stone

To satisfy popular demand (yes, Jenny, I do mean you), I've managed to upload the soundtrack of Carolina Star played by me and the lads from Big Stone bluegrass. From the left Gottfried, Hans, Pete and yours truly. René the banjo player isn't in the pic. Good lads all. Give it a few seconds to get going and the rhythm kicks in.
I'm the only guy who speaks English but I just sang backing vocals. The finger-picking guitar solo after the Nashville line is mine. This was one of the strangest periods of my life, playing in an Old Time Bluegrass band in Switzerland. When my wife first came over to live in England I made her play her Garth Brooks and Cowboy Junkies music in the other room. Then life got all ironic when we moved to the land of chocolate, bomb shelters and fines for peeing standing up after 10pm. Apart from making it illegal to apply for planning permission for a mosque minaret and being busy keeping the Fatherland for their children (SVP Party), the Swiss are big into horses and all things Country, so we had no shortage of gigs and plenty of free beer. Which was nice.

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  1. This is classic!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing. I loved it! What a hoot. Great memories, I'm sure.


  2. Thanks Jenny. Yes, we had quite a time. I have a further little treat lined up when I work out how to convert a VHS video and post it! Involves semi-nudity and cowboy hats!