Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rubbing spines with the greats

What do Frederick Forsyth, Lionel Shriver, Roddy Doyle, Jeffrey Deaver, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Philippa Gregory, Sara Gruen, Sheila O'Flanagan and others have in common? They've all rubbed shoulders, or spines, with the 22 authors of Original Sins.

Okay, so it was on a table display in Stonehouse Books, Kilkenny. But I'm sure they enjoyed it, just the same!

On a more serious note, the members of  Two Roads Creative Writing for Publication in Kilkenny are approaching their ultimate weekend after 4 years together. Like our Original Sins anthology, we're tightly bound in perpetuity. Our energy and motivation has been brought to a peak by publication, with group members giving press and radio interviews left, right and centre.

But now we face the long walk. Will other members follow yours truly into the indie publishing world of Amazon Kindle / Smashwords and social networking platforms? Can we keep our focus and continue to strive until we achieve whatever individual breakthrough we seek? If Kilkenny manages to stage a practically focused Creative Writing Masters, will our elation, confidence and drive have endured?

Of course it will. We can. Good things come to those who seek them.

Heartfelt thanks to John McKenna and Suzanne Power for being our mentors. We are writers, we write, therefore we are.

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