Friday, 3 June 2011

Virtual StrangersVirtual Strangers by Susanne O'Leary

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Virtual Strangers is a very interesting book from a number of perspectives.

As an author and a user of social networking platforms, I'm familiar with much of the subject matter in this book (except the murder!) I've indulged in `Authorspot' (Authonomy) and all the associated carry-on, compulsive networking, disreputable behaviour, virtual relationships and flame wars.

The alternating narrator style works well throughout this book. It's a team effort and the differing style of the co-authors makes for two very convincing main characters. There's a love-hate relationship between Annika and Seabee that is real.

I felt the impact of each murder or attack (not sure if I was the victim or the perpetrator though). I laughed as the weekend invitees scurried to get onto their computers in a last ditch attempt to curry favour with the ever-elusive publishers (social networking meets Agatha Christie). I urged Seabee to curb his excesses and prayed that Annika wouldn't get in too deep with Archie. The mix of romance, chick lit, murder and thriller provided by O'Leary and Zaltin satisfied my broad tastes. No surprise there, considering their respective backgrounds of widely published author and Wallander TV scriptwriter. It shows how yin and yang make a perfect balance.


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