Thursday, 29 December 2011

Amazon bot has picked up my festive freebie

It seems that's bot has been busy sniffing out folks' special offers. Peril has gone free again on, presumably as the result of a bloghop Smashwords freebie offer.

So, if you're an user and haven't already got hold of Peril on, then dig in!

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  1. I did, and I just read this--occupied a whole plane flight. Enjoyed it very much! When I settle again, I'll post a review.

    Do you want to know about typos? ;) Very few, though, and didn't detract. I'm debating buying your other one, because I'm not normally a fan of "dark," but the writing is so good!

  2. @Sharazade Cool, thanks.
    Eeeek! Yes, please contact me at and I'll fix any typos.
    Glad you enjoy the writing. Where there's darkness there's also light ;-]